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What is The Yellow Board?

The Yellow Board's mission is to support collaboration and communication among band directors
and other music professionals, to serve as an information board for leaders and members of various
state music organizations, to enable mentoring and provide opportunities for teacher encouragement,
to be an online resource for insight and instruction, and to foster interactive, real-time discussion of
current music and education issues.

Who is allowed to post on The Yellow Board?

Anyone  involved in the band or music teaching profession is encouraged to post on The Yellow
Board. High school students and parents are asked not to post on the board without first contacting
the board administrator. Advertisers and others with a product or service to promote are asked to
contact the board adminstrator before posting.

How do I post on The Yellow Board?

To respond to a message on the board, simply find the link to respond, click on it, and you will be
responding to the message you are reading. To post a
new thread on the board, scroll to the top of
the board, find a link entitled "POST ON THE YELLOW BOARD" Click on that link and you will be
starting a new discussion thread on the board.

Who is the board administrator?

The Yellow Board  is maintained by Steve Hankins. Steve completed thirty one years as an active band
director and is now retired. Steve taught  throughout Texas at the high school and middle school level.
His bands  won many UIL Sweepstakes awards and other recognitions.  He is a member of TMEA,
TBA, and TMAA, and is an active adjudicator and  clinician. Steve lives with his family in Cibolo, Tx.,
where his new "retired" life centers around family and friends,having lots of fun listening to live music
at various venues around the New Braunfels area,  working around the house, and of course,
maintaining the Yellow Board!  Contact Steve at: admin@theyellowboard.com

What are the posting rules?

The Yellow Board has evolved into a community of respectful and informed posters and readers. As
long as posts are respectful toward others, they generally remain on the board. Posts that mention
names of schools, band directors, or band programs may be removed. Posts that discuss possible
or rumored band job openings may also be removed.  Band directors who are not comfortable with
their name or school being mentioned in a post or thread are encouraged to contact the board
administrator to  have the post or thread removed (No questions asked!).

How do I advertise on The Yellow Board?

Advertising on The Yellow Board is a great and inexpensive way to reach thousands of band directors
every day!  There are four threads at the top of the message board that discuss advertising on The
Yellow Board. Please read the threads, and if you have any questions or would like to begin
advertising on The Yellow Board, contact Steve at:

How do I find The Yellow Board?

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